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Sue Anders's picture
Posted on 11/20/14 1:14PM
My name is Sue Anders. I've been married to my husband, Jay Anders, for 14 years. Since I've turned 50, I've been having trouble finding a full-time, permanent job. My husband is on Social Security Disability (SSDI) because he has many medical problems,...
rose41054's picture
Posted on 11/20/14 1:12PM
Joined FCC 2/10/2010 ** We are Thrilled to say We Received the Call today !! Thank You So Much Brian & Reggie & Michelle & Everyone at FCC !! Many Thanks to my Baby Brother Bob09 & his Girl Jill for their support & love & encouragement &...

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walkzwithwolves's picture
Joined on 11/28/14 8:27AM
I was diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy last year after spending 8 months in the hospital recovering from a fractured tibia that lead to sepsis (twice). I have an autistic 9 year old son and I have finially recovered from my medical problems in order to seek employment. My...
katwalkk's picture
Joined on 11/28/14 12:34AM
Im a single mom and victim of abuse. Moved to NY with my son to live with My grandmother...My uncle began abusing my 5 year old son and as soon as I found out, I began packing and My son and I became homeless..WE HAD TO LEAVE...I FINALLY GOT US A PLACE..I work very hard but...