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Recent Recipients

Sirwolfswrath's picture
Posted on 06/13/17 8:27PM
Back in 2002 I was at work and was crushed between a Jeep and a full size van. After a few surgeries on my leg and pelvis I was deemed stable by the insurance company but far from back to normal. I sold my Harley, jetski's and the rest of the toys I can no longer use...
djy253's picture
Posted on 05/20/17 1:31PM
I am grateful beyond words. I received a car and now I'm in the process of giving back. I have been treated with kindness and respect from all of the FCC family and workers from the start. God bless all who took the time to vote and to the very generous doners!

New Members

Barbie_0515's picture
Joined on 06/27/17 9:09PM
I'm 27 with 4 children. 2 boys 2 girls ranging from the ages of 11 to 2. I'm looking to win a car for my babies. We recently left their father due to domestic violance sercumstances. He is now currently incarcerated and going to prison soon. My oldest daughter has...
HT_Henson's picture
Joined on 06/27/17 8:50PM
In the month of November on the 18th, I changed banks and established a new checking account at my new bank. This was the middle of the month and I had a Social Security check to be direct deposited yet and because of the timing, I missed establishing a new account location...