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Cindy Fanaro-Gaines's picture
Posted on 08/19/14 7:15PM
This is my story. It was early one morning around 9:50am my phone range and it made my heart stop, when I saw the caller ID on it displayed an unknown name with a phone number. I froze for a moment in concern. For I knew my son William, was working the night shift and he...
debbie lynn's picture
Posted on 08/12/14 2:48PM
The Staff of Charity Cars is very saddened to announce the passing of Debra Allen on January 3, 2014, FCC user debbie-lynn who was a member of our community since 01/10/12. We would like to extend our deepest condolences to her family and friends for their loss, and ask...

New Members

keilani86's picture
Joined on 09/02/14 2:35PM
I am located in Harvey Illinois. Currently living with my mother which is a paraplegic. She got shot four times due to a fight her ex husband got into. So I take care of ny mother. I am also a full time student going to get ny bachelors in nursing. I travel from school to...
anashai7's picture
Joined on 09/02/14 2:05PM
I am a single mom whom recently ended a three year relationship. When dividing our assets I was given the unreliable car. Within six months the engine had internal damage and I cannot pay to have it fixed because I am still looking for a job.