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Recent Recipients

angelreborn's picture
Posted on 08/24/16 1:22PM
I want to say thank you to everyone at Charity Cars and the Donor, i am now able to get to my doctors and grocery store! thank you from the bottom of my heart !! Love you guys !!!!!
laboone1055's picture
Posted on 08/24/16 1:18PM
I am a 59 year old woman I suffer from depression and not having a car , I feel my depression is getting worse, I have 4 children but i don`t get to see them, If it was not for my sister(scmhope1) I really don`t think I would be here. I had bariatric surgery i need a...

New Members

Alvart's picture
Joined on 08/28/16 5:51PM
single mom of two beautiful children, have moved here from Arizona to be closer to my 4month old sons father and his family as this is their first grandchild. He has decided to kick us out of our home and his parents have also turned against us as he is their only son and...
Chalaye.thomas's picture
Joined on 08/28/16 5:41PM
Hi everyone! Im a 24 year old single mother of 2 angels. Love and harmonii are 4 and 2. They are truly wwhat keeps me going every day. I want my kids to want for nothing. Sometimes me working isnt enough for items we need especially a car. I have had it rough with the car...