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JuanaEspinoza-Rose's picture
Posted on 07/03/15 5:00PM
4/15/15 update: I now have a car! Well, I have half ownership as my brother pulled in the other half for a 22-yr old Honda. I still have a 50/50 chance of taking the bus if my brother secures work and needs the car. I now have a HOUSE! No more bad memories of the living...
Kelly B's picture
Posted on 06/09/15 10:12PM
Well, where do I begin with all of this. Firstly, let me say that I do not in any way lack determination or goals. Only the resources. I can't get the resources I need without a job and I need a car to get a job. I have been fighting depression for many, many years...

New Members

Scottk91's picture
Joined on 07/07/15 6:02PM
I recently lost my car and have no way to get to work.this worlds hard enough as it is idk what I will do with out a car.I need to keep this job to support me and my girlfriend please any car will help I don't care what shape its in.
chiquilla jackson's picture
Joined on 07/07/15 4:49PM
I am a single mother of 2 girls. I am just trying to make it day to day.