Other Promotional Ideas for Free Charity Cars


This is OUR Charity! We’re all in this together…we are all one. Together we have power and together our voices will be heard!

When you promote The Original 1-800-Charity Cars you help generate vehicle donations. When promoting, it is very important that you always identify yourself as a volunteer member of FreeCharityCars.org. When promoting for vehicle donations, it is beneficial to always use our car-donation program name- The Original 1-800-Charity Cars as well as our car-donation website www.800charitycars.org . When recruiting others to join our online community use our www.freecharitycars.org website.


The Free Charity Cars community is rapidly growing in the social media space. Please visit our Social Media page to find how you can assist in promoting Free Charity Cars through Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.


Visit our Radio & Television page to find information on how you can help spread the word about Free Charity Cars on radio programs, television networks and nationally recognized television programs.


Promote, Promote, & Promote: Promote 1-800-Charity Cars www.800CharityCars.org and Free Charity Cars www.FreeCharityCars.org on as many social networks, blogs, cause pages, forums, groups, YouTube, etc. as possible!

Contact vehicle sellers on websites: Websites such as craigslist.com, autotader.com, cars.com, rvtrader.com boattrader.com etc., can be a great resource to find people with unwanted vehicles. Reaching out to these sellers with a few sentences can be very effective. Keep it short and sweet but always identify yourself as a volunteer member of FreeCharityCars.org. Encourage people who are selling their vehicles to visit our car-donation website at www.800charitycars.org to learn about the advantages of donating their vehicle. (Example: Donate your vehicle to the Original 1-800-Charity Cars. You may receive the full fair-market value tax-deduction for your vehicle donation and help a struggling member of the community get back on their feet. 1-800-Charity Cars accepts cars, trucks and boats, in any condition, running or not. Towing is free. Visit www.800CharityCars.org or call 1-800-Charity Cars. Thank you!”)

Auto Dealer Program: FCC does not receive cars from dealers and never has. Our dealer program had consisted of an advertising partnership but it has proven unsuccessful and we are no longer pursuing this program.

Create and post signs: Place signs publicly anywhere it’s legal. Click on the image below to view a high-resolution, printable version of each sign.


Place our link on websites: If anyone you know has a website please ask them to place our link on their site.

If you have any questions email info@800charitycars.org (Please do not call our staff)  

Links from external sources, such as other websites or blogs will help us in our efforts to provide more car donations to persons in need. So if you choose to link to www.800charitycars.org please keep these few things in mind. 

First and foremost, any link to our web site is appreciated so thank you for all of your efforts. When you create a link from a regular website or a blog site try to insert the link on one of these 3 words: car donation, car donations, donate a car

These words that you are linking to us on are called “anchor text” and when we get a link on these words our site becomes better know for each term and therefore we rank better in the search engines when someone searches them. Depending on your website or blog, the method for linking may differ but they all involve some basic knowledge of HTML.