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Joined on 04/26/17 7:52PM
I'm disabled and live alone. I make 735.00 a month SSI and pay 606.00 a month rent. I desperately need a vehicle but can't afford to purchase one.
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Joined on 04/26/17 6:40PM
I need a car to transport me and my daughter to wherever we need to go. My family is full of rude people who don't care wether or not we get where we need. This city is getting more dangerous every day. I can't work since I don't have transportation or money...
Joined on 04/26/17 5:52PM
Hello! My name is Courtney and my story is long and a little depressing, so I will leave out the gory details and keep it positive! I have been through hell and back and am turning over a new leaf and having to start from scratch (for too many times) luckily with the...
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Joined on 04/26/17 3:53PM
I am 44 yrs old with a new life that I have actually began last yr. Being married twice and divorce twice. Have 2 grown kids. But over the last 17 yrs of my life has not been wonderful. I was suffering from chronic depression. I was with someone who I thought was wonderful...
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Joined on 04/26/17 2:44PM
Hello everyone, My friends call me Casper, you may as well. I don't wish for my real name to be posted for safety reasons. I am 37, a student in my sophomore year of college. I had to do something to show my son to not give up that anyone can overcome and go to...
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While working in the Liberian media as a newsroom photographer, I traveled around the country. During my trips, I saw the terrible conditions of girls, young women, and children. Given my own deprived background and a father of three girls, I became committed to telling...
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I am a single father raising a young nine-year-old autistic girl by myself I've had for custody since birth I was recently diagnosed with osteopenia liver disease and autism . That's a lot to take in . Every day is a struggle to make ends meet to get to the...
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I am a grateful and recovering addict named Evie. I was addicted to Methamphetamine for 6 years. Before my addiction, I was a plus size model and had been cast on an Oxygen Network reality show and almost made it to the "big time." All of my life, people told me...
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Hi guys! First off, let me start by telling you my name. I'm Josie Beth Perkins. Most people spell my name wrong or can't pronounce it right, so call me whatever you'd like. I have tons of nicknames. haha It says to tell all of you my story, but I consider it...
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Joined on 04/25/17 11:56PM
I am a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 2 I have a full time job that pays our bills however we do live check to check I am hoping and praying for a blessing if you are willing to help it would be greatly appreciated I'm not expecting anything new just reliable if...