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Joined on 03/25/17 8:23AM
My husband of 30yrs died and i list everything, was struggling to hold onto the house weve always lived in, but now thats gone too. Im in the process of moving and in the middle of the night a drunken man stole my car and smashed it into multiple trees. Its totaled,...
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I am a 24 yr old single mother of 2 beautiful babies. I have been struggling so hard trying to provide for them. I am currently unemployed due to not having reliable transportation and childcare. And recently medical issues that has kept me from employment. I was diagnosed...
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I am a single mother of 4 beautiful children, 13 yrs old, 4 yrs old & 3 yr old twins. I am a Domestic Violence Survivor who consequently has been forced to currently live in a motel. I do work, about 35 hrs a week on average, but i still cant seem to ever get ahead...
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I have been disabled for about 10 years and I have always had a ride to my doctors visits through my ex wifes uncle. In the beginning of March of 2017 the Uncle died and I can no longer get to any doctors visits. I have severe lymphadema in both legs and I will never be...
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Soon to be father of a little girl. My wife was hit by a drunk driver and has permanent memory loss of all from before the accident. I need of a new car be for our little one is due so that we can get around to work appointments. our appointments have tripled do to the...
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Im from Seattle born and raised, and went to Bellevue College. Imin need of a car for emergency purposes.
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I am a contract worker and my present job pays the employees once a month. I worked for this company for 2 1/2 month and were not paid on time. I have car pool with my co-workers and family members to get to work. I have paid out all I can spare at this time. I lost my...
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Hi, I am the mother of a beautiful 7 year old boy who was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2. With excessive medical ailments and an allergy to almost every known allergen it was apparent from the onset that my son required constant care; fortunately, with my savings...
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I have been through hell and back nearly died two times. Our faith has only got stronger. 15 years ago I received a head injury and have had seizures, meningitis, a stroke now have RA. Fibromyalgia, and just recently chronic venous insufficiency. And I in the middle of all...
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Hi there. I'm a single mom who's other half passed August 2015. Same year earlier I fell at work and had to have 2 rotator cuff surgeries. Now I'm back at work, only a part time 15-20 hrs at 8.50. Currently looking for more work or another Job. Had an...