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My son is 4 1/2 non-verbal Autistic and my daughter is 3 (next month) year old currently undergoing diagnosis. We barely bought a car in February and managed to save enough money (by borrowing) to fix the ac that went out, only to be told that the transmission is broken...
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I'm a married mother of 3. girl 16, boy 15, boy 8. I was recently hospitalized for a week...I had a kidney infection, sepsis, e-coli, & high blood sugar. Once I was released our vehicles broke down. We have been asking friends to & from work for a month now and...
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I have one amazing daughter and one on the way. My husband, despite disability, works so hard to take care of our family. We have always helped others and done everything we can for everyone we can. I have never owned my own car. Now, our first daughter is 9 years old and...
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Disabled mother of a 14 yr old who's extremely smart. Would love to do a lot for her! Mostly take her to the doctor, the dentist, needs braces. Eye doctor, needs new glasses. Not to mention I need to go to the doctor as well and get groceries for this child who is...
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i really need a car so i can get a job and get some money
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Hello my name is Kandra Wilson. I am a 35 year old mother of two. I am currently struggling right now because I do not have any transportation. It is very difficult for me to make it back in forth to work knowing that the last bus that runs to where I live ends at 6pm. I...
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i am on ssi disabiliey and had back operation and have no car im a grandma of 2 and cant get top take them to school or do anything with them i cannot get to doctors appts or anywere i have to go with my disability and cannopt walk to far because of my back i use a...
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I am a 70% disabled veteran in need of a car. I was deployed 4 times to the Middle East and have dealt with anxiety for many years now. I had a great job, a house, and was doing okay until my anxiety took a turn for the worse. I ended up having to move back in with my...
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I left home about a year ago because my Brother was abusing me sexually. (That's a mess in it's self) but while I was living at home I was able to start up my Photography Buisness. Right now I am attending School for Buissness Mangement, living on my own and as a...
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My husband shot himself in the head june 24th. We have 2 year old twins. I am struggling finacially to keep my house and car. My car is being taken next week from hail damage and i have no option to buy it back. I am unable to work dye to ptsd depression and anxiety and i...