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Joined on 06/27/17 9:09PM
I'm 27 with 4 children. 2 boys 2 girls ranging from the ages of 11 to 2. I'm looking to win a car for my babies. We recently left their father due to domestic violance sercumstances. He is now currently incarcerated and going to prison soon. My oldest daughter has...
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Joined on 06/27/17 8:50PM
In the month of November on the 18th, I changed banks and established a new checking account at my new bank. This was the middle of the month and I had a Social Security check to be direct deposited yet and because of the timing, I missed establishing a new account location...
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Joined on 06/27/17 7:38PM
I am a disabled veteran with a large family I have gone through several surgeries. Because of my surgeries I have been unable to get back to work so therefore unable to save the money to get a vehicle for my family.
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Joined on 06/27/17 7:21PM
living a misery i really need a car which is too much for my income all my friends have cars but me its so hurting me inside and making me feel less than my friends always
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Joined on 06/27/17 5:05PM
this is not for me its for an ex-wife we spent 28 years together and we no longer are connected but im trying to help her in any way i can i have been paying on a car that i just cant afford im going to have to let the car go back she is disabled and she cant afford the...
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Joined on 06/27/17 4:48PM
I draw SSI and need some help so I can get me and my daughter to our seizure doctor so we can get our medicine and it would be well appreciated if anyone could vote to help me
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Joined on 06/27/17 2:49PM
My story is,I went to a lemon dealer and he didnt just screw me once, he screwed me 3 times. I used every dime I had to buy a car from a buy here pay here car lot and I had to go ther. No credit and 2 kids at the time to raise alone. That was the only place I could go and...
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I'm 22 years old. I have struggled most of my life. With things that seem to come so easy for other people. My mom also is a single mother of two. Myself and my younger brother. I have watched my mom work hard and long to provide for us. I had trouble in school and...
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I am truly in need of a vehicle.I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis I am unable to work anymore and I receive SSDI. I was terminated from my job while I was having a relapse in the hospital.I have 2 children a son who is 14 years old and a daughter who is 8 years...
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Recent college graduate from Full Sail University with a Bachelor's in Entertainment Business, and still have yet to own first car. I will be starting my Master's in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in August and would not like to have to continue depending on...