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Joined on 11/23/17 4:39PM
I am a single mother of a beautiful 4 almost 5 year old. I am trying to get my GED and a job but a lot of the opportunities that I had won't work around the bus schedule. I'm trying to do something good with my life and give my daughter a better life too. A car...
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Joined on 11/23/17 3:14PM
I was a single Mom of 2, until 04/3/15 tragify hit home. I lost my 25 year old Son Marcos who battle Stomach Cancer. This really hurt me very deeply. And it still does. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him. I dream of him, he comes to me at night and tells me,...
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Joined on 11/23/17 2:43PM
Hi, my name is Fredy, and I am a high school student that recently turned 18 but with no car or driver's license. My problem is financial, as my parents cannot afford to fix up an old car or buy a used one. I have been looking for jobs to raise money on my own, however...
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Joined on 11/23/17 2:08PM
My son and I need a car to get to work and doctor's appointments ASAP. We live in a rural area here in Ohio and there's no public transportation. We can't even go to the store to get food or to pick up our meds. Ugh. If we don't get transportation soon...
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Joined on 11/23/17 10:23AM
I am 46 years old and my husband is 55 years old. We're both disabled, struggling, and we live about 60 miles from Colorado Springs in a little town called Simla, population 650. The car we had gave up the ghost and I don't know what we're going to do. We...
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Joined on 11/23/17 3:07AM
My name is Latisha Folden. I'm 24, and a single mother of two amazing little girls. I'm currently going no. Through a domestic violence trial and an in need of a vehicle specifically for appointments, grocery shopping, and court. I'm trying Very hard to pull...
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Joined on 11/22/17 9:31PM
I need your help! Hi I'm Christena. I'm $98,000 from attending The Art Institute trying to get ahold of the loans in the meantime the cat that I've had since I was 7 is dying of cancer and honestly I don't know what I'm going to do without her and...
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Me our family need of vehicles get back and fourth to doctor and work can't afford a car do to my income
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Joined on 11/22/17 5:34PM
A guy with whom I've worked had his transmission blow up last Saturday. This is the latest in a series of bad luck he's had. He hates being dependent on anyone, but life has been hitting him pretty hard for the last couple years. I've helped him as far as I...
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Joined on 11/22/17 1:10PM
I am a stay home mom who always need to stay home to take care of my two non verbal autistic children. I have 3 children btw. My husband alone works and he work enough to barely pay our rent. I receive SSI from both my children. And that help us out a lot with groceries...