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Joined on 02/25/17 9:28PM
Myself and husband have had the worst of luck since before last Christmas.It started with our clothes dryer, then our main heater and our older cadill6. We ate top ramen for 2 months and managed to get water pump replaced at a hefty price of $1700.Now the car has a blown...
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Hello, my name is Brittany Hammond and a mother of one beautiful girl who just 1st grade. I am deaf. My truck broke down and taken away few years ago. I take my kid to school by city bus, it was struggle for me because of the bus schedule which caused tardy for my kid to...
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Pregnant 34 yr old due April 07, 2017. Don't have transportation to go to mental health dr or baby dr. Can't make it to get food and supplies. Can't make it to pediatric appts when the baby is born. I draw Social Security and can't afford to buy a car. I...
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I am a aingle, divorced Mom of two beautiful daughters. They are 9 & 6. I work in Frisco and I have worked soooooo hard on being able to make us independent. I recently fell on some hard times and do not have a car. Which means no transportation for my girls to school...
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I am a young married military man who is having a rough time. My wife and I don't really have family who can help us and most wont or cant or flat out don't want to. I am in national guard so I don't get much money. I am looking for a good paying job so I can...
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Single mother of 2 girls, age 14 and 11. Ive known my share of stuggles which include but arent limited to abuse from my own mother and ex husband. Im currently staying with my brothers family who have repeatedly informed me we have to move out as soon as their new baby...
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I am a single mom of 3 beautiful kids I walk everywhere and it's killing me because I have to walk with my three beautiful kids we have to go to the grocery store we have to walk and carry the groceries. It hard not having a vehicle when your children school is Miles...
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I'm disabled and cant afford a new car.
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I separated from my husband in 2015 and had a car and a job. I worked as a home-health care aide but lost my income when my client went into assisted living home. I eventually lost my vehicle after missing payments and became homeless soon after being unable to pay rent. I...
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Hello, I'm Amy. I have children I would like to visit them in Kansas if I had a car. I think about them everyday, but my disability keep them from living with me. I am in touch with the parents by phone call and text message, I save money to buy them gifts every month...