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Joined on 05/25/17 1:54PM
I am a single mother of four who recently lost my job. I have also just graduated with an Associate's degree in Behavioral Health. I lost my jod due to my demanding schedule my last semester at college. I was taking five classes and was also required to complete a...
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Joined on 05/25/17 1:01PM
My life was going along pretty well with the exception of being disabled do to multiple medical problems. My husband stayed home with our son and I worked. I had bi-weekly get togethers with friends an for the most part I enjoyed my life. Everything changed on September 7th...
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Joined on 05/25/17 12:04PM
I currently receive Social Security Disability. My disability is General Anxiety Disorder. I don't earn much from Social Security.
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Joined on 05/25/17 10:36AM
I need a car to get work. I took care of my severely disabled daughter for 47 years so I was not able to work to build up my Social Security. After my husband died, his social security went to my daughter. When she passed, I got half of what she used to get. My total...
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Joined on 05/25/17 7:23AM
Unfortunatly for me its been one thing after another. Ive found myself pregnant by my now husband who has found himself dabbling with drugs and other woman and not very interested in continuing our family. Im sober, ive been sober i was just hoping with our love it woukd be...
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Joined on 05/25/17 12:03AM
I'm trying to take care of two family members were disabled one sister passed away leaving me her daughter I have a old car and I'm worried if it's going to give out on us with the child it weighs heavy on me what can I do for some reason I decided to look...
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Joined on 05/24/17 10:56PM
I am a college student working towards getting a Bachelor's degree in Biology. Unfortunately my car bellied-up on me in December and I am looking for another one but I do not have money and neither do my parents. I need it to get me back to NC and too transport me from...
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Hello to all reading this. Im a mother of 3 a boy and twin girls. We have had some unfortunate mishaps that has us in this situation of needing transportation. We moved from the south to Ohio to start life anew with family members who offered to help and said Ohio was the...
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I am a stay at home mother of three. My family and I have been through alot this past year. We've lost our home and vehicle. We're currently staying with a friend and his grandmother. So that makes 7 ppl in a small 3 br house. We're trying to move out as soon...
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Joined on 05/24/17 7:22PM
I'm A Busdriver and I'm 61 years old and I'm single and my only car broke down. And i don't have enough money to get it fixed or buy another one. I need a way back and forth to work. Any help would be apprecated thank you