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I have two boys, my youngest; Ayden Alan; was born with Spine Bifida. Both of his legs fold to his shoulder blades. He already had two major surgerys since birth and is about to have major surgery again. Me and him both nearly died on the table when I had to under go an...
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I am a single mom with a daughter named Ashton who is 19 and she has Cerebral Palsy and is also bilaterally deaf. She is wheelchair dependent. As she has gotten older and heavier it has become next to impossible to lift her in and out of the old van we currently have. I...
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I had my son in 1998 a year after I graduated high school. Well I was with a guy who didn't want the responsibility so thank to my wonderful parents and wonderful they helped me raise my son while I worked my jobs just to make ends meet and go to school. In 2012 my son...
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Hello good people. This is a long story and I truly hope and am grateful for you taking the time to read it. In oct of 2016, I was coming out of the local market with my pet parakeet "ruby". As we had the crosswalk signal, half way into the intersection I was hit...
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My husband died very traumatically and as a result we lost everything. Home and car. I have a special needs child and another in highschool. The county took away the bus system and I have to pay people or sometimes walk my youngest 4 miles to school. I'm on a fixed...
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I am 38 and trying to stay living in Boerne Texas. About 5 months ago I got in an 18 wheeler with my now ex fiance and I chose to get out one month ago and up until a week ago I was staying with some friends with the stipulation that I get a job and carry my own weight in...
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Hello everyone. My name is Ashley and i am in desperate need of a car for college. I have 2 semesters left but because of domestic violence issues with my husband was forced to relocate from the city back to my very small hometown 40 minutes from my school. PLEASE VOTE FOR...'s picture
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I am a single mother that resides in a domestic violence living home. I have to carry the DV restraining orders on my person cause he's always following. Please vote for me on freecharitycars .I want to be unk. to the batterer.He can't chase us if he don't...
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Hey I’m 28 years old and I need assistance obtaining a car. My health conditions include scoliosis, I’ve had corrective surgery where I have Herrington rods screwed to my spine to keep it straight, my pelvic had rotated and I have a slipped disc in my lower lumbar. I’ve...
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Hello,My name is Star and I am newly divorced with 4 beautiful children and 9 gorgeous adorable grandkids and 1 precious granddaughter who is deceased from umbilical cord choked her to death. I have been impacted by hurricane harvey this past year 2017 in August, my whole...