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Joined on 07/23/17 4:49PM
I'm 60, disabled and walk with a cane. I live in a small town and have go about 20 miles to a big town to get anything.
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Joined on 07/23/17 4:37PM
Yesterday my daughter asked me if I locked the doors before we left home to before we biked to the store for groceries. She does that now. She wants to make certain noone will be in our home when we get back. I told her that yes, I did lock the doors and she asked me...
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Joined on 07/23/17 3:53PM
Hello, my name is Victoria Fink. I'm a 56yr old Mom of one daughter w 5 grandsons!! One of my grandsons passed away due to being born too small. We never forget him tho!! My Grandsons are my life! I was in a car accident in 1972 resulting in 53 surgeries. I'm on...
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Joined on 07/23/17 1:48PM
My family need a reliable vehicle for our everyday commute as well as to get our kids to their drs appointments. Our Oldest son has autism, middle child has unknown behavior issues as she is 3 and they cant give her a diagnosis yet she sees the therapist once to twice a...
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Joined on 07/23/17 1:09PM
Hello everyone. I'm a single mom of 4 beautiful children. I live in a school district where the kids have to walk to school rain or shine sunny or snowing and up to 30 below temperatures. In May my daughter was struck by a car on her way to school in the morning. I...
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Joined on 07/23/17 12:58PM
Hello everyone, My story is unique. I am a 51 yr. old with one daughter. My vehicle is 17yrs. old and damaged and would not be worth it to repair. Will not pass inspection, not sure how much longer I will be able to drive it. Just started a job, as every company wants...
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Joined on 07/23/17 10:48AM
I'm a single mom of 3. 2 still live at home. I barely moved back to Corpus area a few months ago. My Middle child is pre-transplant. She has to be in Houston to see her GI specialist Very month. She's in & out of the hospital at times. Just a month in half...
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Joined on 07/22/17 7:49PM
I need a new vehicle before my current suburban gives out. I am hoping for a four-door pickup truck so that I can haul supplies for my handyman jobs as well as transport my two children around. Although a pickup is ideal, any vehicle is Greatly appreciated!
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Joined on 07/22/17 7:40PM
April 30th I was in a car accident and I'm paralyzed from the nipples down and I lost a friend In the accident and another friend just walked away b with scraps and scratches. been a rough two months and I could really use a vehicle to get around in like to doctors...
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Post service member of fifteen years and his family are in desperate need of a vehicle. As a veteran he was released without warning upon hurting his back on a flight line! This veteran who is now 80% disable and his family at one time lost all income, their home and...