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donniesgirl's picture
Posted on 10/18/16 2:51PM
i have a lot of health issues. i have asthma,anxiety,panic attacks, junior rheumatoid arthritis, depression,bi-polar ,fibromyalgia,endometriosis. i am on tons of medicines, i have to take shots daily.i have had a hard life not as hard as others but worse than mom...
michael day's picture
Posted on 10/18/16 2:49PM
My name is Virginia,my husband is Michael and he is disabled he has had a stroke heart attack.And he has heart problems has diabetes has a hard time walking,hard time standing has pain in lower legs and other heart problems and he is going blind.I have all the doctors...
2016MyYear's picture
Posted on 09/21/16 2:52PM
Update 9/22/2016:I am sooooo grateful sooooo thankful for FCC, the car donor and everyone who voted for me. I picked up my car on 9/20/16 and it is a beauty. 2000 Toyota Avalon!!! Thank you FCC. I will take care of this blessing. Here's a pic of me driving away from...
angelreborn's picture
Posted on 08/24/16 12:22PM
I want to say thank you to everyone at Charity Cars and the Donor, i am now able to get to my doctors and grocery store! thank you from the bottom of my heart !! Love you guys !!!!!
laboone1055's picture
Posted on 08/24/16 12:18PM
I am a 59 year old woman I suffer from depression and not having a car , I feel my depression is getting worse, I have 4 children but i don`t get to see them, If it was not for my sister(scmhope1) I really don`t think I would be here. I had bariatric surgery i need a...
Rinzou's picture
Posted on 08/24/16 12:17PM
Like everyone else, we need a car to get to our veterinarian, doctor appointments, grocery stores, laundromats, and all the other necessities of life. Public transportation and Uber bills are killing us and we cannot use them for veterinarian visits for our current 15...
Marybeth Hilbert's picture
Posted on 08/12/16 2:16PM
Stay positive,stay active and promote,promote,promote! The more people find out about this awesome program means that more cars have a chance to be donated, and more donated cars means we all have a better chance to receive one! Vote and promote!
gfin3's picture
Posted on 08/03/16 6:51PM
Hi I am here asking for your help in receiving a truly needed vehicle. I am on disability and can't afford to buy one. I need transportation not only for my doctors but also to be able to shop for necessities, I miss lots of appointments due to no transportation. I do...
Jodi Brown's picture
Posted on 07/29/16 3:00PM
My 18 year marriage came to an end, unfortunately, trying to piece our lives back together. It has been a two year battle with health issues, financial and legal issues that never seem to end. Receiving a car would help drastically change our lives. Please consider voting...
Amanda princess's picture
Posted on 07/29/16 2:58PM
I want to thank everyone one from FCC for giving us back your mobility it and allow just to be a part of all this with that I am going to help everyone I can