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Last Online on 04/25/17 10:06PM

Current Status: Trying to get ready to pay bills the hardest day of the mth

Location: contenitial, Ohio

Gender: Female

Age: 38

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I am a single mother of 2 my daughter is in collage and my son is autistic with ADHA and ODD I am bipolar and unable to move well due to getting hurt when i was able to work. I and my son were homeless for 2 and a half years and just recently were able to get a home and the income we get with my disability is very low. 965.00 a month. We make it just barely. after 3 years of mental abuse from my husband I left only to find he had been beating my disabled son. I am trying to get a divorce but it cost money I do not have at this time. I have been unable to get my son to doctors or myself no... Read More

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