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Last Online on 03/28/11 12:26PM

Current Status: been,very ill,ple,read up,date,in profile,bless,yous all,==+

Location: Long Island, New York

Gender: Male

Age: 45

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have been voting 4 us,2 no,that they all have heart, body.she scare .her hol,fam,died,fro,cancer,we cant even go to all the test.s that they wan,cause we dont hav a car.thing is ,im so stessed,tha,i stoped my hiv,med,s.i no its wro,Im,just so tied,of trying,everyday,4 almost 15years,bet,my appts/hers,medical cab,s wont pay 4 all the trips,or parmary,run, very sorry 2 every1 4 saying this,its just how i been feeling.dont wan,2 giv,up,but its just so dam pain full,she,s alway in pain ,and ... Read More

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