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Crystal far

Last Online on 01/17/18 10:03AM

Current Status: 200 votes to Anna Kabtuey please vote for her

Location: Havre de grace, Maryland

Gender: Female

Age: 29

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My Story

Update: Thank you to free charity cars and staff for my new car,God bless you all at this organization. Now my life will be so much easier with my children, working,and starting college in the spring 2017 Prayer works. ********************************** Hello my name is crystal, I'm a single mother of three children. Two girls one is 13 months old,and 9 years old,one boy 7 years old. I badly need a car to get to work, grocery store and doctors appointment coming up soon before the winter hits. The car I had died on 10/3/16 the engine went I sold it to a junk yard to get some money toward a new car. I was praying to god while searching the Internet to see where I can get help to get a car to keep my job and get me and my kids to doctor appointments I can across thank you jesus!! please vote for us it will greatly appreciated God bless you all. I lost my job recently because I was unable to get there. Im looking for another job nearby. I prayed and I will leave it in God's hands I'm very stressed out with bills and not enough income to take care of myself and my three kids I don't have help my kids father's and from nobody else. I'm on my own it's so hard but I will believe in God for miracles and strength. I have multiple health problems including failing kindeys, edema of lower extremity which makes it hard for me to work with swollen legs and feet to support me and my kids, and extreme Amenia which causes chronic fatigue and no energy for me, and chronic back pain due to failed attempts with an epidural with my son in 2009 and a pinched nerve in my neck need to get to the doctors every two months to be checked. My son has extreme adhd and oppositional defiant disorder I have to get him to psychologist appointment every month and to get his medication from pharmacy to calm him down in school. Taking busses is a real struggle with three kids Im praying I can get help soon thank you for reading my problems and concerns. God bless you