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Last Online on 05/22/18 10:22PM

Current Status: Today was favorite charcater: I wore boots, cowgirl hat, shirt, buckskin cape w/fringe, and my hair in 2 long braids - who am I?

Location: Toledo, Ohio

Gender: Female

Age: 55

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Posted on 05/09/16 11:24PM
When I became a mother in 1986, I had no idea my life would take this turn. My husband and I raised our daughter Amy very well, keeping her in church and home-schooling her all her 12 years. We were...
Posted on 02/15/16 9:52PM
I have noticed a lot of things since the site has been down, but one thing is really bothering me! Votes are going through and being counted, and many are still voting like they should. Many are...
Posted on 01/24/16 10:27PM
First, an answer to prayer…we attended a church today and it was wonderful. We had not been to church for over 4 years now, because we were hurt really bad by the last pastor we trusted. I was ready...
Posted on 11/19/15 11:58PM
Why do people do things deliberately when they hurt others? I have been having a rough month at work, and now this dilemma with family. I was so excited, to think I would show up at my family’s...
Posted on 07/10/13 8:59AM
I need some help, trying to figure out what to do. Maybe someone in the state of Illinois will know and can point me in the right direction. But please read this and if you can help, it would be...