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Last Online on 06/29/17 2:55PM

Current Status: Thank You Free Charity Cars & Becky Underwood

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Gender: Male

Age: 51

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My Story

I am on disability.I don't have a car to go to my doctor appointments,get my prescriptions,go to the store .You know how it is trying to get rides from friends to take you places you need to go.Getting a car would help me out so much.I have a lot of medical issues.In 1994 I was crush by a fork lift.It crush my palvis and hurt my lower back.I have a metal plate in palvis, now I have pain and arthritis in my palvis and lower back.In 2007 I lost one of my kidneys because of cancer.January 26 2013,My wife Teresa Left me,She can't handle it no more about our life.Before I got sick we had a good life,good home,good job,new car,money in the bank.Today 3/7/13 I sign the divorce papers.I am divorce on 7/25/2013.4/7/14,Went to the I have Artrial Fibrillation,Systolic Heart Failure-Chronic.Sept. 14th/2015 I had a Electrical Cardioversion for Atrial Fibrillation.Went to the Dr. today 11/23/2015,Now he wont's to do a Cardiac Ablation on my heart next month.Jan. 11th 2016.My mom past away,Dovie Jowers.Today 4/13/16 I had the Cardiac Ablation done today. 8/8/2016,My uncle Danny Thompson past away.8/28/2016,The family put my uncle Danny Thompson to rest today.This is my first holidays with out my Mom & my uncle Danny,it is sure is hard.I got the call on 3/21/17,Thank You Jesus & Free Charity Cars.