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Current Status: Hi everyone! I finally picked up my car and I will be sending transfers out daily.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Gender: Female

Age: 43

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My Story

09/17/15/UPDATE > I have not updated my story in awhile, Im still here, I believe in God and I know that he sees all my troubles and I know my time will come. It's been difficult, raising my 2 kids on my own, especially a special needs child, my son is 12 now and he has made progress, but he will always need me to take care of him. I have to bathe him, dress him and and make him the same foods to eat every single day, he is non-verbal and it frustrates him to the point of aggressive behaviors, it is so difficult and my only help is my 14 year old daughter, I don't know what I would do without her. Last week I got hurt and had to go to the emergency room. I have been in pain and limping all around and I got hurt trying to prevent my son from getting hurt. I miss having a car to move around in, last winter was harsh and I fear this winter will be worse and unfortunately I have appointments for the kids and errands to run, I can't leave my kids at home, my kids have to go with me everywhere I go because we do not live in a very good neighborhood and because I do not want to leave my daughter home alone with my son. I been looking for work, but it is very hard to do without a car, it takes so very long to get to places, I rarely get to visit my mom at the nursing home and I miss her so much. Next year my daughter will go into high school and all the schools that she is applying to are far from home, but they are decent schools, I wish I could receive a call by then and be able to take my daughter to school. My daughter is a good girl, polite, respectful, sweet, humble and everyone likes her and there is so much I am unable to give her and having a car could change so many things for us. I could work, maybe go back to school,when my son's bus does not come to pick him up in the morning, I could drive him to school, I could take my children places, I could go see my mom and having to get groceries or go to appointments would not take so much of my time. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. 02/16/14 I feel so very stuck, I do not have a job, because I do not have a car and I do not have a car because I do not have money. I do however have children, a home and so many bills and shut off notices. I am like many others. I am tired and in need of help and if not help, than at least hope. I never thought I would be this person, I miss getting tax money, I miss having a job to go to everyday and I miss having a little money. I guess, I miss a lot of things.02/11/14 After not having water for four days, due to a water main break, it feels awesome to have it back on. This life is just too hard, having to be responsible for two children (one with special needs) and a home and all the other stuff,it's just too much. I really need a car, it does not stop snowing, it's been problem after problem and I really need to find some relief. 02/02/14 I haven't stopped by in awhile. I am still very much in need of a car. I wish I had good news to report, but I will continue to hope things get better.11/25/13 UPDATE: Wow I cant believe this year will soon be over. Time goes by so quickly and the worst part is, that no progress has been made. I guess Im feeling down I miss my mom being home especially over the holidays. I been going through alot. We got robbed in September and it happened while my kids and I were sleeping in our beds.They took our television, my purse, my daughter's school bag. Im just grateful that nothing happened to us. To top it off, the tendons in my leg are hurt and I have been in alot of pain. I just thank God that things are'nt any worse and that we are still ok. I know that there are so many people in need of a vehicle, I wish the process was quicker, I wish we xan all receive what we need!06/26/13 UPDATE: It's been awhile since I been here, but I have been busy and truthfuly feeling hopeless. Its hard keeping it together all the time. I hope FCC is real. Im hanging in there. Hello my name is Emily, I am the proud single parent of a daughter 11yrs old and son 9yrs old. My youngest has Autism and faces many challenges daily. I am currently unemployed and I am experiencing financial difficulty. I miss having a job to go to every day, but I am unable to go to work because I am my son's only caregiver. I have to be there for my son. I would love to go back to work, I cannot work full-time and it is difficult finding part-time work especially without reliable transportation. My mom was my support system, she would watch my children so that I could go to work, but since she had stroke that left her handicapped she now resides in a nursing home. Now, the only support that I had is no longer able to help me. It is difficult being the support to two great children when you have no support for yourself. Having a reliable vehicle would mean a great deal to my children and I, we have a lot of appointments to go to and using public transportation is not an option for my son.we need to go. It would feel very good to be able to take my children to the park every once in awhile and there are a lot of free activities that we could attend, but we cannot due to the lack of transportation. Receiving a car would be totally amazing and would definitely would be of some relief. I never thought my life would this hard, I never thought I'd be unemployed or that I would go through foreclosure, or that my mom would become ill, I miss my mom terribly. Like any good parent, I love my children and I wish I could give them a good life, at least be able to take them to the shore, we haven't been in several years. I just want to be able to provide for my children, but I need some help, I will continue fighting the good fight, I will continue trying, but getting a car would be of some great assistance. Thank you for taking the time to read this.