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Location: Concrete, Washington

Gender: Male

Age: 77

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My Story

At the age of 10, I suffered from Polio which left me completely paralyzed for almost a year. While my recovery of use of the affected limbs was outstanding, in my later years the virus has returned to haunt me yet again. I now am suffering from Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS) which there is no cure. The Polio virus damaged motor neurons that keep most people mobile. In many cases of polio sufferers, they have returned to a life of immobility. My legs began to deplete in muscle control and strength several years ago which have caused me to be on crutches at home, but I must use a power-chair when going out. Crutches are becoming harder and harder to deal with so a chair will be my ultimate mobility. At this time, our only vehicle is a manual transmission older Toyota. If I need to keep the car or go anywhere that I can drive, it is getting increasingly difficult to use the clutch, so the need for an automatic transmission is a must. Additionally, we must now transport my chair on the back of the car which isn't very good when raining or snowing, so a van would be extremely helpful too. Our finances are slim and purchasing a vehicle of any sort is out of the question. Thus, my joining this site.