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Last Online on 04/25/18 3:34AM

Current Status: Voting daily from My Friends List <3

Location: Portland, Oregon

Gender: Female

Age: 49

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Badges are a fun new way to show your participation in the Free Charity Cars community, while earning votes along the way. Below are a list of badges that you have successfully earned. You can click on these badges and determine the number order of how these display next to your avatar on your profile page. Car recipients have the car badge already added to their profiles in the top position. Please click on the “View All” link above to see all available badges that can be earned. And keep checking back, we’ll be rolling out new badges all the time!

Angel Wings

Awarded once when you transfer 200 votes to a single user at one time.

Blogger Noob

Awarded after you write your first blog post.

Car Recipient

Awarded if you have received a car.

Media Junkie

Awarded for adding four images and four videos to your profile.

Pay It Forward

Awarded to the recipient of a donation through an approved donation method.

People Person

Awarded for sending invites to 5 friends.

Pied Piper

Awarded if a user signs up and specifies you as the referrer.

Social Butterfly

Awarded for adding three social media links to your profile.

You're In There

Received for completing your profile.