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Location: Fort Walton, Florida

Gender: Female

Age: 69

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I truly believe that when it rains, it pours. I feel I should take an umbrella with me even when the sun shines. I have struggled through many surgeries over the past four years, both knees replaced, and three other surgeries. During all of this, my husband got a spider bite on his ankle that required three surgeries, and over a year of wound care. His foot is still not healed completely. He has had several back surgeries and has a lot of limitations. We are both almost 70 and on social security. After struggling to get through the worst of our health problems, and applying to every government agency on the planet to try to buy our own home, we finally found a part of HUD called SHIP. I applied to them, and we were accepted, they would pay our 20% down payment and we were never obligated to repay it. Wonderful, except now I had to find a lender. After looking under every rock and sea shell in Florida, I found one who would except our credit scores as it was. We gathered paperwork upon paperwork for them, we sent them money that we really didn't have for appraisals, escrow account and more. In order to get the money they wanted, we held a huge yard sale and sold almost all of our belongings, furniture, clothes, and things we had kept for many years. We found a small home near Tallahassee and the price was affordable. The house was small, so we kept getting rid of more and more things, even the lawn mower and yard equipment was sold. Well, things began to get sort of iffy - the lender we were using kept wanting more and more paperwork, including money. After getting rid of everything and boxing up everything that was left, moving truck was paid for, every penny was accounted for to other people. The night before we were to close on the house, we got an e-mail after 6pm from the lender saying that they had decided not to accept the down payment from SHIP, and that the house was not worth enough for them to waste their time on it. BOOM - no house, no loan, money gone, most of our stuff gone, and we had given notice to the landlord here. We found out the hard way that we were mixed up with a predatory lender. We cannot get any of our money back, they stole from us under the law. We were able to keep this rental, we have been here for almost 10 years. It has many problems that they won't fix. The bathroom floor is almost about to fall in, the half bath is not usable. We have drop cords running everywhere because of poor electricity. We have to use window air conditioners, and the main one barely works- but they won't replace it. In the wake of all of this fallout - our old 99 Ford truck started skipping, which progressed to running hot and stopping completely. I found a kid on craigslist who said he was a mechanic. We got the truck to his house and he replaced a plug and a coil (did I mention that he said he was a mechanic, but he did not own any tools). Next day, truck started running hot, and is now parked in my yard needing very serious repairs, at a cost more than the truck is worth. Needless to say, we have nothing left to sell, Even if I could, my body parts are too old and no good to anyone else either. I have never never asked for charity, or for anyone to help us like this. But, our doctors are in Crestview, we have several appointments a month with various doctors. The bus does not come by here, we are too old to even walk to the mailbox. We desperately need a break to happen in our lives, we thought getting a house was our break, but we were wrong. I believe in God, and I also believe that whatever He brings you to, He will see you through. He has never left us stranded and broke like we are right now, but I have faith that there are some good people who will read our story and maybe take us to heart.