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Current Status: Hello :)

Location: Talcott, West Virginia

Gender: Female

Age: 36

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jegolas1973 Posted on 11/01/16 9:11AM

I definitely wouldn’t recommend that van for daily commutes or long distance trips, but it would be good for running errands.

lmariewill Posted on 11/10/16 10:28PM

That’s exactly what we do, just for a trip to the store once a week. Now it is “Farm-Use” only as of the end of November 2016. :(

so totally lost Posted on 09/09/16 1:40PM

I still like mad max. but you can have ms. piggy too. I once had a 80 British racing green Renault le car I called Kermit. I bought it new as my own demo cuz I was selling Renault and jeep in California at the time. it was a fun car till le brakes went. the metal was so thin I took a body shop class once at community college to learn to do metal shrinking so as to make the metal rigid enough to even take Bondo work then I painted Kermit and made him shiny and beautiful again, British racing green is a great color. and still only got 500 bucks for him with 60 k miles…I bet he’s still out there somewhere getting 40 mpg and I wish he’d come home if parts were still available :( I loved that Weber carb too, if I had not spent every dime I had left trying to get my 89 Mitsubishi running again that the shop couldn’t diagnose for years I’d still have a few months left to live too and so would my sweet beautiful kitty cat. I’ve seen my old Datsun 200sx still running around before too, the guy that bought it off me years ago even after it was totaled and I had the frame straightened even turned it into a convertible somehow. I wish the guy that pulled the frame on that car for 100 bucks was still in business, I’d give him a shot at my back that was re-destroyed in the same rear end collision lol… ouch. still hurts to laugh though, even after all these years. cars, can’t live with em or without em.

lmariewill Posted on 09/09/16 1:55PM

Maybe I should put some armor looking pieces of scrap metal on the roof :)

so totally lost Posted on 09/09/16 3:54PM

or just offer to custom hand paint it real nice or attention grabbing for a business at a little shopping center that has no street exposure, as a billboard and they can park it out front to bring in traffic. I’ve seen that done, but it usually pisses off the owner of the shopping center eventually for some reason, those people are humorless lol.

rivulus Posted on 09/07/16 4:05AM




Rust In Peace

Invisible Posted on 09/08/16 4:04PM

my favorite is “rust in peace”. LOL!

lmariewill Posted on 09/07/16 12:55PM

Oh my you are on a roll! :) :D Those are great!

so totally lost Posted on 09/06/16 10:27PM

mad max

lmariewill Posted on 09/07/16 12:53PM

Ha ha ha! Good one!

Unionbeachforever Posted on 09/06/16 11:23AM

“It’s Alive”



Invisible Posted on 09/08/16 4:06PM

I like that one too!

remind me of the Adams Family Show. Anyone remember that show?

Of course I am dating myself with that old show. :)

lmariewill Posted on 09/06/16 6:37PM

You aren’t kidding! I”m hearing the voice from “Young Frankenstein” LOL!

Invisible Posted on 09/06/16 7:42AM

Desparado! Finally I thought of one! LOL! :)

Invisible Posted on 09/06/16 7:19AM

As for a name, I believe all the really good names have been taken in the suggestions I read on here! But, I looked up the idea of naming our vehicles and found this interesting article: https://www.theaa.com/newsroom/news-2014/most-popular-car-names.html

I remember years ago we had a lemon. Unfortunately the lemon laws had not been passed yet concerning vehicles so we were stuck with our lemon. One day I went out to the car that had been sitting for quite some time because it wouldn’t run. A bat had taken up residence underneath that despicable piece of lemon junk! The bat hissed at me! So I named the lemon car, “hell car”.

lmariewill Posted on 09/06/16 6:46PM

I like one of the names under unusual names for cars in your shared link…‘The Crudmobile’

ShellyDD Posted on 09/05/16 12:28PM

“The One Horn Purple Gas Eater”

lmariewill Posted on 09/06/16 6:39PM

I watched that movie in grade school and still hear the song to it. (The One Eyed, One Horned, Flying, Purple People Eater) :D

GloriaJean59 Posted on 09/05/16 9:35AM

It looks like it should be in a Jeepers Creepers movie, so I would call it Jeepers.

So glad you got wheels, good luck with it.


lmariewill Posted on 09/06/16 6:47PM

There no doubt it resembles a vehicle from a horror flick. :)

JLTalsma08 Posted on 09/05/16 2:14AM

How about “Spot”.

lmariewill Posted on 09/06/16 6:42PM

I’m afraid it’s going to continue to grow more spots as time goes on! My kids like to peel the paint off when I get them ready to get in…(sigh) Oh well, cant make it look any worse :D (haha) I have threatened to paint it like the Mystery Machine. Must be the Mystery Machine’s GREAT GREAT Grandfather!

rivulus Posted on 09/04/16 11:57PM

Based on the color :

Moby Grape

perspectives Posted on 09/04/16 6:40PM

Old Trusty

If that doesn’t apply, try: Old Rusty.

lmariewill Posted on 09/04/16 9:40PM

As long as this van has been “ALIVE” I think both names seem to suit :)

lmariewill Posted on 09/04/16 5:39PM

Like the pipeline? LOL yep!

lmariewill Posted on 09/03/16 1:27PM

I’m first to name it, keep adding to it just for fun and laughs :D

The Gas Glutton

rivulus Posted on 09/03/16 11:43PM

Andrea Doria


Wreck of the Hesperus

lmariewill Posted on 09/04/16 5:37PM

That’s right! She does sink my bank account :)

Invisible Posted on 08/16/16 12:39PM

Oh wow! Certainly looks like a gas guzzler!

I am praying that you get the call from Free Charity Cars! You have been patient and promoting and voting for 5 years now!

God please send this family a donated vehicle made just for the terrain and country side they need!

Sending you 200 transfers today!

lmariewill Posted on 08/16/16 8:35PM

Thank you so much! Always!