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Current Status: Still have trouble with the car :(

Location: Talcott, West Virginia

Gender: Female

Age: 36

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My Story

OKAY....here is a rough draft of my updated story. See other original stories too. Just putting it here in unfinished form, run on sentences, and all! Ill be editing it for accuracy and repeated thoughts.................................................................. I found out about this website through my caring sister in early 2012, she knew it may just have the potential to help me and my family. Since we live out in mountainous terrain I am hoping & praying somehow to get a 4X4 family size truck, van, or Jeep/SUV, whether it be by our own hands or this charity program. My special needs Son who is now 14, needs a vehicle he can get into fairly easy because he is handicap both physically and mentally. We have gone to weekly physical therapy appointment in the past which could arise again and we continue in with his speech therapy. Right now we have an 86 Ford Econo-line cargo van, which is a very heavy duty gas guzzler, rusted & busted, shakes and hopefully don't break. It's only a vehicle to get us to the important things once a week, it was a cheap desperate buy with borrowed money. Money that I have since paid back to a wonderful friend! It's terrible on gas as stated above, it gets 2 to 5 miles per gallon of gas depending on the roads we travel here in West Virginia. Originally it had only two seats in front, but we bolted in an old single seat from a junked vehicle so I could take both my children with me. It is a struggle to lift my Son in and out of the cargo-van, he's about 75 lbs. now, and as children do, he will continue to grow & get heavier. A few months back as I was trying to lift him in, his knee dislocated, that tells me this cannot go on for much longer. I also have to lift a wheelchair or walker in and out every place we go with him because of his joints, especially his knees. I am very thankful we have a vehicle to get our food, our life sustaining prescription medications, and appointments as far as our money can stretch. I feel we are confined in that aspect because we live off of his disability income and food stamps, PLUS I am not Wonder Woman anymore to be lifting him in and out so much like that. I have chosen to home-school my boy his whole life since he has a life threatening disease he was born with called Mastocytosis. I could never see my Son wheel-chaired to the bus stop 3/4 of a mile away, ride for an hour to school when it's only 10 min. away on a hot bus which could bring on anaphylaxis. Even children sharing the wrong foods and passing along colds/flues could very much hurt him. I urge you to look up this rare disease to understand my situation. When he was an infant even holding & touching too long him made him break out. I held him upright a lot since he was weak for so long (from his low muscle tone that his unbalanced chromosomes caused)that I actually have put on permanent markings in the shape of a hand print from the Mastocytosis on his back. Even a nurse while he received an EKG made a mark on his precious body, he was so sensitive back then. We couldn't even tickle him. He learned to walk when he was 7, he still is very unsteady. A 4X4 family size vehicle could help us all so much in so many ways. It would help unburden us of this gas chugging machine we have that is so rickety and old, we could save money and go out more than 1x a week with all the scheduling conflicts. It would especially allow my 4 yr old baby girl and my 14 yr old to go to parks, learn to swim, and do what children deserve to do. I would be able to go to my appointment without worrying about gas money for my type 1 (juvenile onset) diabetes. I sometimes have to wait longer because I have to schedule how many times we are able to travel. If we do go far, it takes an entire day and we all get pooped & cranky. Have to kill about 3 to 6 birds with one stone every trip since we cannot afford the gas to do those types of things separately. I would even be able to plan a trip to see my parents and siblings! It's also a 35 min. round trip just to grocery shop at the nearest town. We have to drive to the post office since the USPS does not deliver mail to our rural little home, heck we were even lucky to get Internet! WV is wild...as the saying goes...Wild and Wonderful....not a doubt about it! My vehicle doesn't have air conditioning, which I can handle, but not so much my Son. In the winter it's awful because the heater is broken. Driving like that and having bad circulation in my extremities, well you get the idea. It doesn't help when you are short and your feet don't even touch the floor to that van. I have to bring blankets for my kids. I almost fell getting out because my legs were so numb and cold. A 4X4 is a must I must reiterate. We live along side a road with no guardrails and we have been trapped at home for a month last year. They plow our roads last, but last year not at all! So the need is great in that aspect. I know beggars cannot be choosers, so in reality a vehicle that my Son can get into nicely along with my whole family without so much money put into gas would be a blessing! Let's just pray this cargo van will last until we can get something better and reliable especially for an emergency situation. It has no get up and go at all. When I needed it to get the emergency room for ketoacidosis a few years ago, the brakes blew out! Luckily my "brother" was there to take me and that the brakes didn't fail while traveling.