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Last Online on 09/09/17 10:37PM

Current Status: My aunt is in the hospital, so I will try to vote for her.

Location: East Tawas, Michigan, Michigan

Gender: Female

Age: 69

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Time to update my story. I have been on this site for 6 years waiting for a car. My health has really went down hill this past year. I have anemia and they don't know where the blood is going. That is why I fell and broke my ankle. On the same day I was to have gallbladder surgery. And then a knee replacement that I missed because of the fall. I really need a car, it is so hard to find rides for all the doctor's appointments. I don't know what I am going to do if something does not happen soon. Thank you for reading my update. I can not get the car running. Was told it would cost more than it is worth to fix it. Please keep voting for me so I might receive a car. Update a car was given to me,by someone who I ask for rides to the doctors and other places. It has a lot wrong with it. Cannot drive it right now. So I still am asking for your votes until maybe I can get the money to get it running. Last Thursday a storm knocked out my comp. I thought it was DSL box. I sent after another one that took 4 days. When it came in and I got it all up and running it had not been the box but the ethernet card in my comp. so I finally got the money together and ha...