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Sheri Truby-Gibson

Last Online on 04/26/18 10:02PM

Current Status: There's a car out there with Your Name on it! Hang in there & don't give up & (trick is) Vote like crazy every Day (if possible)

Location: Anza, California

Gender: Female

Age: 56

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Posted on 04/23/18 9:17AM
Can anyone tell me how to grab a pic. off of Facebook & put it on here?
Posted on 04/06/18 9:45AM
As soon as I get my husband’s new phone working & learn how to use the darn thing! (You know, we didn’t have computers in school “back in the day”. haha! a 5 year old...
Posted on 03/27/18 12:43PM
If you go to the “Vote for Applicants” page, that thing goes back, ~ over 100 pages! S(need to look at the Dates of what Year.) ok, gtg So much to do! Thank God!<3 Good luck to...
Posted on 03/27/18 10:52AM
Will post pic. asap (do not have a Camera at the moment)
Posted on 03/07/18 10:57AM
Busy, Busy Busy! flying around to Dr. appts. & blood tests. Getting a chance to take care of my health, Finally! Thank you So much FCC for helping make all this possible.:) Such a Blessing <3...