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Sheri Truby-Gibson

Last Online on 05/11/18 11:41AM

Current Status: There's a car out there with Your Name on it! Hang in there & don't give up & (trick is) Vote like crazy every Day (if possible)

Location: Anza, California

Gender: Female

Age: 56

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My Story

I (Used to be!~Yey!)~( But now my Husband is!11/17/'17desperately in need of a Reliable Vehicle ))that does Not over~heat, & has a good Transmission. & will get me to the Hospital @ this point. Long story. I live way up in the mountains & there are no busses or anything to get "down the hill" to Dr.'s, groceries, re-apply for Health Ins, get back over to the Disability office & re-apply,( I have "Chronic Pancreatitis", & according to them & I Quote; "The Pancreas is Not a Vital Organ" ! What?! u can't live without one!. anyways,~ I need to start taking care before it's "too late" At this point.I feel that I've done my share of taking care of others for a good year & a half after getting hurt ( that would be my Husband who got into a Horrific head on collision last year & survived! Thank God.But sadly, the other person passed away) We're still expecting little to no $ after that, due to the Health Ins. Co. taking it all! We cannot afford a Lawyer, so I don't know who is making all the decisions/ them I guess. It's almost as if they don't care who got hurt as long as they get "their money!) My husband is still recuperating & I'm not one to expect too much. It's not like we're not trying. He was gracious enough to help me purchase a '92 Chevy Navajo/= "Lemon"! (we didn't know) that is sitting in the Driveway, needing a new Radiator & even if one got put in it, I don't think you could drive it for Distance, anymore. ~ ANyhow,~ I "nursed" him back to health, & now when it's 'my turn to concentrate on me & my health ~ There's no help! But, God willing, we can help each other! I just learned today that we can Vote as many times as we like! :) Yey! It's ON, now! & Good luck, & God Bless you.