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Last Online on 11/19/15 6:08PM

Current Status: I keep logging in on occasion, but not getting enough votes to trans. please vote so I can trans. to others that need it.

Location: North Las Vegas, Nevada

Gender: Male

Age: 59

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Ex-Marine here, IN DESPERATE NEED OF A CAR, My wife and I have been out of work, Her 8 mo, me 4 yrs, applying day after day, even when application expires, re-apply, wife stopped getting unemployment benefits, her last benefit 2 weeks ago, only getting $300 week,(not any more) we are getting food stamps, a whole $30 dollars,(for 3) our 22 yr old son is living with us, he works at McDonalds, makes from $100 to $300 every 2 weeks, our Rent is $1300 a mo, and our cell phone is $25 a mo, we have internet (to apply for jobs) $85 a month, Our car is 14 years old, when it died I thought it was the... Read More

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