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Joined on 08/21/18 9:19PM
Hola, My name is Kayesha and I am a single mother to a 13 year old boy who suffers from Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, as well as, the fact that his father was murdered two years ago. I already knew that life itself was difficult, but being a single parent...
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Joined on 08/21/18 6:04PM
My name is Cynthia and I am a single mom of a wonderful 2 year old boy. I am a legal resident of the USA and my son was born here. Because of domestic violence I had to leave my house to protect myself and my son. Fortunately I have a job that pays my bills, groceries, and...
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Joined on 08/21/18 3:54PM
My daughter, Melinda has Hep C and with no insurance has finally been accepted into a program that provides free treatment. Unfortunately our car blew the head gasket last month and we do not have the money to fix the problem. Her treatment involves frequent trips to...
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Hello My name is Ja'Kita McDaniel I am a single mother to 3 girls 12,8,4.On 5/10/17 I was injured at work it was not my fault something fell on top of my foot I was in so much pain my boss would not let me go to see the doctor through the job so I had to go see my own...
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I'm a single mother of two boys, looking to find a fresh start after a few hard years. If you are reading this as you can see I have no car. I walk every where I go, sometimes I get rides. Not having a car prevents me from getting a good job to pay the bills. I am...
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Joined on 08/21/18 11:20AM
I am a disabled veteran and single mother that has had a series of unfortunate events occur the last 4-6 months. In April my first boyfriend (since getting divorced in 2010) died in a car wreck. A month ago my best friend hung herself after we exchanged I love you. My...
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I need a car badly. Not only for me , but my Grandson as well who is partially plegic
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I have a very long story but to sum it up i will shortin it.i am a single mother of three.My childern have watched first hand things they shouldnt have to do with domestic violence.I have also made wrong descions that could have been avoided but i have a big heart an will...
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I'm Erica and I have two little girls one is 2 and the other is 4. I live with my mother who has been taking care of us for a little while now why I try to pick back up the pieces of my life. I was in a fiscally and verbally abusive relationship for 3 years. It took a...
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I am a 37 year old single father of a 14 year old son with autism and incontinence problems I lost my job and our house and we are now homeless living house to house due to not having a car and my son's behavior problems have gotten worse due to us having to walk...