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Joined on 09/24/18 4:31AM
I am a single Mom to a 3 year old, I’m facing eviction and the repossession of my only vehicle to work. I have no help with childcare, besides baby-daddy when I work nights. I am in the process of getting food stamps, and have lost 15 pounds so my son can eat whatever I can...
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My story is I was in a bad marriage for 22 years and once my kids turned 21 I only have two kids I left everything and filed for a divorce because it was a very toxic marriage. My parents took me to their home even though my ex had threaten me and gave up a good county job...
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Family of 5. Struggling to get by. Just need an answer to prayer.
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This is actually for my wife.. my wife and I have been trying to get on our feet for 4 yrs. and have little luck. We have had to stay with family and some night had to sleep alone so we both had a place to sleep. We had are family car just go out on us. My wife is 6 months...
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I got pregnant at age 17 and had my beautiful little girl,Alice at 18. Once I found out I was pregnant, I entered an alternative program to graduate early from high school, leaving the program I was in that would have allowed me to graduate with an associates degree. I...
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I am currently a full time online student, studying to become a Medical Administrative Assistant. I have a 5 year goal of obtaining my masters degree and pursuing a bachelors degree in the medical field. I help take care of horses for a few individuals whose lives detour...
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I am in college and have been working part time for 6 months now. I don’t make enough money to save up for a car and I have been relying on untrustworthy transportation to make the ends meet. I have a busy schedule for classes and work and need a car to transport between...'s picture
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I’m 29 I’m a mother of threee
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Trying to clearly explain my situation.
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My name is Carla I am a 24 year old single mother of four. 3 boys 1 girls. Oldest is 8 youngest is 8 months. I am currently in a very hard situation. The people that have took us in is making our living arrangements difficult. I am currently not working due to no...