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I am a father of four kids and have a sick wife and one of my kids is autistic witch having a car would be a big help getting them to there Dr appointment. I just recently lost my job and both my parents. My father died of colon cancer a year ago and my mother died a month...
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I was in an accident last week where my van was totalled. Although the car that hit me was travelling at a very high rate of speed and I never saw him coming, since I was going left I was ruled at fault, since I can not prove the young man was flying. I'm 46 yrs old...
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Hi My name is Erica and my family and I really need a car. I am married with 6 beautiful kids that are my world. My husband work but half of his check goes to child support and I can't work because we can't afford child care. I was in school but I lost everything...
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My husband and I are expecting a son this January. Money is so tight that we barely have enough to buy the baby stuff we need and pay a couple bills. I get 192 dollars from snap for food and that's what we have for the month, My husband is lucky if he is able to get a...
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Hello Im a single mother of two beautiful kids. I have an 8 year old and a 5 year old. I love them to pieces. They give me the motivation to keep going in this everyday life. Im currently working as a home health care care-giver and im currently enrolled in college for my...
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My name is Joseph Kadera and I was born deaf and partially mute. I am 25 years old and current living with my mom whom is my roommate as well. My father passed away in 2012 and stuff for me and my family became very tough. We went through so much and we lost many things. I...
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My name is Brenna and I'm 22 years old and recently diagnosed with Crohn's disease in April. From October 2017 I was in and out of hospitals trying to keep up with school, work and medical bills was very stressful. In June my flare got the best of me and I was to...
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I have become disabled for about 1 1/2 years now I am Diabetic and have been diagnosed with Diabetic retnaopothy and continuous Diabetic ulcers on my feet which has led to toe amputations and surgeries on my right foot. I have been without a vehicle for 3 years now due to...
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Can anyone help me please? I recently moved from Minnesota to Florida july 31st 2018. I've been robbed, ripped off, and charged 1800 for a rental car that I returned but the company is saying I didnt and now my checking account is very negative because of that. I have...
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