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Single mom of a 2 year old boy. I do not recieve supplemental income or child support. We don’t need much but reliable transportation would be a blessing. I recently used alll of my tax return for a used car. I can not afford to have monthly payments and decided on a 2009...
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Hello my name is jasmine and im 23 yrs old currently a pregnant single mother who is dealing with homlessness fleeing domestic violence Im trying to get help obtaining transportation to be a successful single mother who isnt hindered by not being able to keep a stable job...
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There was not enough space to share my story in this box so I will be sharing my story via YouTube. Posting link soon.
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I have two young kids girl and boy and one on the way. There ages are 4 and 2. The 2 year old was premature by 4 months and has physical disabilities. They both lost their father, my husband, last year to disclose. My daughter is currently enrolled in preschool and I do...
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My family and I just lost everything due to hurricane Michael. We lost our home and vehicle. We now are staying with my mom in Greenville, SC
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Hello, Ive been out of work since February. I have no car and have been trying to find stuff near me that I could walk to. Theres not much around within walking distance and no one that is is hiring. I'm about to be evicted. moving in with a buddy in Terrell. I...
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Hello there! The Batman4Paws Saga was started in May of 2018 but was brought about by previous events. Back in 2014 my family and I adopted a rescue dog named Mr.Boots. He was a wide-eyed, happy go lucky, super chill, tri-colored Australian Shepherd from a nonprofit called...
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my husband and i are trying to come out of homelessness by starting our own lawn business and the vehicle would help
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I am a 30 year old single mom who has a 2 year old daughter and have had a rough 2 years. Not only did i lose one job i ended up losing my home and car . I am in desparte need of help of getting a car not just for me but so I can be able to go out and gain better employment...
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Hi to whom it may concern, My name is Levar and I am 40 yr old disabled father of six children and I am in desperate need of a reliable vehicle so that I can get around to run errands and support my family, I have been down on my luck for about 3 yrs after moving from...