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Joined on 10/19/18 10:43PM
Hi, my name is Daisy.I am single mom. My son is currently 8 months old. I just turned 21 as of 10/2018. I currently pay all Bill's, rent, water, phone bill, etc. I haven't had a car for over a year. I've ubered everywhere since then. I haven't had enough...
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Joined on 10/19/18 10:09PM
I am a mother of two children currently going through a divorce and living in a shelter. I recently gained employment with a school and I am about to transition over to transitional housing which is a good distance from my job. I need a car to help me get to work since i...
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Joined on 10/19/18 9:57PM
Hello everyone. I prefer to be called by my childhood nickname Muffin. I am in my forties. Recently my youngest son and I made a very big transition from Las Vegas to Michigan. Fortunately, I gained the courage to leave an abusive relationship. Prior to that relationship it...
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Joined on 10/19/18 9:06PM
I am working a part-time job on minimum wage living paycheck to paycheck I have a daughter in desperate need for a car
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Joined on 10/19/18 5:38PM
My Husband and I are raising our 2 granbabies due to drug addiction involving their Mother. In 2015 My husband got really sick and was diagnosed with Toxoplasmosis which caused him all kinds of issues. We have both worked and still try to stay a float until this last year...
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Joined on 10/19/18 5:20PM
I'm here trying to help my younger brother get a car that he truly needs! In 2016, my brother was standing in front of his apartment building, and was shot in the head and leg trying to push another woman from harm's way. He DOES NOT run with gangs or involve...
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Joined on 10/19/18 5:07PM
Hi, I'm Jordan lubben and was reaching out because I'm a combat veteran, and I served in Afghanistan in OEF. I was hoping to reach someone that may be able to help me out. I recently was in an accident with an 18 wheeler, and I lost my vehicle my job and my family...
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Joined on 10/19/18 4:42PM
My name's John and I'm in need of a newer wheelchair van to go to appointments with.
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US Navy Veteran with PTSD and a TBI. Married with 1 child. Was recently affected by Hurricane Florence and the vehicle I had was recently totaled out by a hit and run incident nearby. Wife and son also have medical issues that require going to doctors appointments quite...
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Hi I'm Dana im 20 years old and I have a 9 month old son with a heart condition called tretolagy of fallot with near pulmonary artesia he just had his second surgery and was in critical condition. After this surgery he hasn't acted the same and has some physical...