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Last Online on 05/28/18 3:56PM

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Location: Cape Coral, Florida

Gender: Male

Age: 69

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My Story

I'm a disabled veteran with a 100% rated disability. I am in a chair and have restricted physical ability due to my cancer and heart Pacer and Orthopedic problems involving my back and left leg. My daughter and granddaughter have been in my care for about 9 years now and live with my wife and me since her husband walked out on her after finding out she had Lupus. He is 4 months behind on child support for his daughter. Last year I took in a young boy who was homeless and couold no longer get to school. He comes with no financial support from anyone but is an honor student with a desire to become a neurologist. On March 3rd my wife was rushed into Hospital for emergency surgery due to loss of blood from a malignant tumor in her colon. My problem is I have an old 2003 Kia with 170,000 miles that are broken down with no air, a window that doesn't work, a starter that just died on me and a rack and pinion that is barely connected to the frame. I am unable to perform any repairs myself due to my condition and my finances are over stretched now due to all the added medical expenses recently incurred. I have no vehicle to make the many doctor appointments I have to make for everyone, and no funds to make care payments with. I am desperately seeking any help to repair or replace my car. I have never used my status as a veteran to obtain things but I don't know where else to turn to or what else to do anymore. I am 69 years old, a Vietnam Vet with dwindling hope and failing health. Please help any way possible as it will be greatly appreciated and desperately needed. thank you.