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Last Online on 05/27/18 5:35AM

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Location: Portland, Oregon

Gender: Female

Age: 50

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Hello, I'm a divorced Mother of 4 wonderful kids and a Grandma to 3 Beautiful Grandbabies, I live in a really bad part of town and don't have any finances that will allow me to purchase a car, it's a rough neighborhood and My Daughter and I get harassed at a constant,I left an abusive Marriage years ago and consider myself a survivor. I can't make it to most of my appointments. I don't get to see My Grandson because I have no way to get out there, I think it's been years since i was able to take my kids anywhere or be able to make sure they had a safe ride home or to where they needed to go. I have to walk a very long way to do grocery shopping only to bring back what I can carry, I have also been attacked while doing so. this site was a blessing to me, a bit of hope when you feel hopeless.. good luck everyone, no matter what, I'll always be on this site, voting for others having a hard time.