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Last Online on 08/23/18 6:18PM

Current Status: Can anyone tell me why I am no longer able to access my friends' pages to vote?

Location: Sacramento , California

Gender: Female

Age: 56

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My Story

Hello members and friends. I’m 54 years old with multiple health issues. Here's my story of how I came to need a vehicle. In 2012, the meniscus in both of my knees wore away due to a structural abnormality that I was born with (bow leggedness). This means I lost the cushion in my knee joints and bone was scraping on bone. If you or someone you know has ever suffered from this condition, you know it's horribly painful and debilitating. It’s a pain you cannot describe to others. Although I have a good job, I lost a lot of pay due to absences from this painful condition and other health issues I suffer with (fibromyalgia, depression, epilepsy, gastroesophageal disease, & sleep apnea). One week before my scheduled surgery date to correct my leg conditions, my vehicle was reposed because I could not afford the high car payments. On October 20, 2016 I had my surgery - bilateral total knee joint replacements, bone structure correction and removal of bone spurs. This is one of the most painful surgery's and recovery's a person can have, and I had it on both legs. The surgery was successful, thank God! But total recovery can take three months or longer and I'm only five weeks out; Consequently, I'm still experiencing a lot of pain from the procedure. I’m scheduled to return to work in a week, on December 2, 2016, as I desperately need paychecks again. I’ve been surviving on SDI for the last five weeks and I’m stone broke. Unfortunately, with regards to Reginal Transit, there aren’t any direct routes from my home to my work. This means I must walk several blocks, take one bus, then take the light rail, take another bus, and walk several more blocks. Doing this twice a day will be extremely stressful on my painful recovering legs. Additionally, it will add four hours on to my workday (2 hours to get to work and 2 hours to get back home). I’m worried it’ll be too much and my legs will collapse, but I must be able to get to work.