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Last Online on 09/08/18 8:57PM

Current Status: I don't know what's happened to this site but my voting box is mia and I stitt can't vote for my regular friends the site has fallen apart.

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Gender: Male

Age: 62

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My Story

My Story I'm disabled with a lot of medical problems. Here is a list of most of my problems: I have incontinence with no control on my bladder or bowls. I go through a package of depends in almost a week. I also have trimmers in both of my hands and sometimes when I'm holding a pencil or ink pen or even a knife or fork my hands shake very badly. Some times my hands shake so bad they look like a rattlesnake's tail. I also have a super arthritic hip, because there is no cart ledge between the hip bones. This makes it very hard to get around. So I'm stuck with a cane for getting around most of the time. I can get around some with out a cane. I also have mental problems. But I have learned over time how to manage this problem and I've been able to mellow out quiet a bit. I also have a swollen knee and left ankle the swells up some from the hip problem and a work related accident. I really need a car or truck to get around in to go to the doctor’s, get food, go to church, and other errands that need to be done without relying on other people. Because most of the people I know work out of town so I can't always call or rely on them for help. I live far from a major bus line. Even that gets expensive at times. So getting around can be very hard for me at times. I lost my car on May 2, 2010 when Nashville got flooded. I spent a week in Red Cross shelter and I've lived in an extended stay hotel ever since then. The house is almost done. I need to be able to finish the mess us from the contractor and finish cleaning the whole house from top to bottom. My rainy day funds are depleted now so my SS check is all I've got to go on and make ends meet from month to month. My car during the flood was hit by a boat on the top left hand corner of the roof. The boat left a big V in the roof. All the glass was broken out, and it was full of river mud. My car was eventually towed away. We had to be rescued by the fire department by boat there was 6 feet of flood water in our house. We lost pretty much everything in the down stairs of the house. So I pled with you and your kind heart's for your help in getting a car so Don’t have to rely on anyone to get around from place to place. Thank You for taken your time to read this story.