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Last Online on 02/15/18 8:20PM

Current Status: Hello, today’s been challenging but I know God will make a way

Location: Dallas, Texas

Gender: Female

Age: 39

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My Story

After my son passed away November 10, 2017 which was the worst day of my life. I put all of my earnings and savings into his funeral and burial services. Not long after in January 2018 I blacked out behind the wheel while in grieving. My car has been auctioned by Dallas police impound which I am still paying on. I’m experiencing some financial hardships right now. My sales job is not meeting my needs even though it’s been difficult gettting there with no support system. My son and I moved to Dallas due to Hurricane Katrina. Most of my family lives in Louisiana. So I’m facing possible eviction of my townhome which I do not receive any public assistance. Due to this I am also find challenging is getting food as well. I don’t know what else to do please help me.