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Last Online on 07/28/18 2:11AM

Current Status: back on track ,voting time !!

Location: Tempe , Arizona

Gender: Female

Age: 55

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I am a single mom of two with sole custody of both ( I am also a grieving mother ) . I am currently back in school to better myself , however I was in an auto accident this week and totaled my car .This has been very devastating as I do everything for the household .I have a special needs son who I have full legal guardianship over so that I may continue caring and protecting him. I also have a 17 yr old son with a diagnosis of depression that is a senior this year .I transport both to each of their destinations daily .Unfortunately there is no busing to my son's school (small charter ) and transportation to my sons day program isn't available they are low staffed so there is no help there . I drive a lot each day for them and everything else I do .,Their father is all but a deadbeat dad , they receive almost no support .I have to fight with the state in charge for every penny it is awful . I need to continue all that I do for them to ensure their success and routine . Both also receive therapy that I need to get them to ( both take meds) I would be eternally grateful if I was helped , it would let me continue being independent and able to do my duties . I am an online student for that reason ,with my life it is near impossible to go any where for classes , so I do my work while they are doing theirs I can also stop if I need to to address a half/sick day or breaks in their schedules .I appreciate any and all help .Thank you for reading this .