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Last Online on 10/16/17 3:04AM

Current Status: I finally found a way to tow my car to hopefully have this issue fixed so that it is at least driveable.

Location: Canton, Ohio

Gender: Female

Age: 23

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My Story

Hi! My name is Danielle; I just turned 23. I have always worked very hard for everything that I have, so it is really difficult for me to do something like this. I grew up in an abusive home with stories that would make you cringe. I raised 4 of my siblings on my own and took care of them. I tried multiple times to get jobs in the area that I could walk to, so that I could buy more food for the kids and save for a car in case of emergencies; however, even after interviews and being offered positions at multiple jobs, my biological father would not allow me to work as he wanted me to take care of the kids so he never had to be there. I ended up going to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for Photography, just to get further away. Unfortunately, I got scammed by this school for $70k when I was 17 years old. There was a huge lawsuit for 11 billion dollars, but none of us students could ever figure out how to benefit from this lawsuit. You can easily google search it and find a lot of information on the lawsuit. I moved back to ohio and being over 18 could live with my mom. I started school for Veterinary Technology. I used all of my saved money from Pittsburgh to buy my first car. 6 months later the transmission went out in it. I used the rest of the money I had saved for my second car (my current one). I was working and going to school when I started having seizures. I spent many months in hospitals trying to get it figured out and had to miss out on a year of school due to this. I was finally set to graduate this May 2018 and get my license. I have always worked, I started a month ago at a job in my field (I work at an emergency Vet clinic). This morning my car would not start. It has had many issues, mechanics keep telling me it is not safe to drive because the cradle and frame are totally rusted, my brake lines are rusted, the list goes on. I have been saving because I know these are serious issues, especially because I drive 40 minutes each day to get to school. This morning was the first class I have missed because of my car. I know it is not my battery, starter, or fuel pump. I currently have no one able to help me as to diagnose an issue I need another hand. I have been going through all of my options, but unfortunately, all of the money i have is going to my rent and utilities, my car insurance premium, my phone bill, and books for school as well as having all of my wisdom teeth removed because they are causing a ton of health issues/infections and the Dr said it will very quickly begin to affect my heart if they are not removed. All of this is due at the same time, but now my car will not work. I finally got myself to a place that I was saving up money to get a new car, and now all of this happens. I have looked into getting a car with payments, but being in school, I cannot work enough hours to afford a car payment, plus with my school loans, multiple places have told me that I will not get anyone to finance me for even a used car with lower payments. I am completely at a loss. My parents are unable to help me, and all I want to do is finish out my last semester, graduate, and be able to safely make it to work and school. I have never been the type of person to ask for handouts or help, but when I came across this site, I though maybe it wouldn't hurt to try. I am doing everything I can in order to help myself out, even if I have to walk to work, I will. I just cannot walk to school and really don't want to get even further behind in my career. Thank you for listening and God bless everyone on here who is helping others, even if it is not myself, it is good to know there are still wonderful people helping.